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originally summoned into life in 1992 by henry favretto and beat wegmann the project eventually shrunk into a one-man odyssey into uncharted musical waters by henry favretto in 1997.

from the very beginning on the only sustained aim was to create a unique style of electronic music that is neither easily categorizable nor necesseraly linked to a specific paradigm but rather the final product of playful experimentation striving to stimulate or enforce certain states of mind which - on a side note - happens to be the very essence of music itself.

ecm wraps it all up into a frame of eclectic pop music floating somewhere between sonic art and insanity with the factors of surprise, evolution and contingency outlining the project's inherent inertial system. The focus lies on those tiny moments of magic surprise and childish beatitude that allow for overall depth and perpetual listening pleasure without providing too much obvious intellectual overhead but in fact offering a stunning rhythmical grid that leaves one's perception susceptible for more intricate feedings.

however, the fully committed listener may nonetheless be able to catch a short glimpse at the true microuniverse that lays hidden beyond the sky of wonderful musical metaphors.

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