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what is HEXDUMP??

a dj/live project of hENRy I/O. right now its just for live & fun, maybe it will get more serious sometime in the future. it all started off as a sort of advanced dj project but somehow went beyond scope...
is there a CONCEPT to it?

for the live performances the only concept known as of today is the extensive use of atomô samples & loops as a starting point for some twisted realtime recombination - but also completely new elements are added where they fit well. from there on it's taking off into whatever kind of harddisk-[insert style here]

yes and no. yes as it uses portions from official atomô releases, no as it's taking the whole thing one step further. imagine a chemist that's using atoms and molecules to synthesize new materials.. HEXDUMP is doing the same only with samples of a special kind. it is also a personal tribute to atomô - the godfather of advanced sampling.
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