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inception originally formed in 1995 by harry weissen, henry favretto (aka hexdump, ecm) and bruno ruch (aka sleepwalk, left the project in 1996) as a means to translate the perceived reality into an appropriate musical realm SKALPELL is striving to provide some kind of projection of images invoked by the subconscious and seen through the minds eye. SKALPELL tries to fathom these primordial states of mind from the very bottoms of fear and hopelessness to the heights of an absolute consciousness, where the word 'SKALPELL' (german for 'scalpel') serves as a symbol for the process of slashing open surfaces to examine the truth that lays hidden underneath.
description with its roots in the so-called 'industrial music' of the early 90s SKALPELL has come a long way touching various musical styles ranging from harsh noise trainings to haunting dark ambient soundscapes with occasional regurgitations of popular elements. as a natural progression the work has also recently culminated into the composition of soundtracks.
indication SKALPELL is not just the music but rather a state of mind, a language and a strategy to cope with our 11 realities. SKALPELL is constantly re-configuring itself, falling apart and rising up as it continues on the path towards ultimate wisdom - which will probably wrap around into complete madness. soon in a theatre near you.
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